About us

Transcending everyday reality, it is time to realise that - apart from the financial - we are also experiencing an ecological crisis. The pollution of the environment, climate change and the degradation of nature are indisputable problems that call for awareness raising and treatment. The urgent need to protect the environment and conserve biodiversity has been scientifically proven and protection policies have been adopted by governments and international organizations which advance sustainable environmental management.

We are all responsible for the current situation. Within the global context, we have to become aware and decide on a "change of direction" based on courage, knowledge and strength. It's a fact that impersonal decisions are easy to make while local level decision-making depends on enlightened, insightful minds, courage, time and strength. Our organisation is a local initiative by ordinary people who have prioritized their ethical duty, environmental consciousness and love of culture over everyday reality. In this context, we hope to multiply our members and pursue our vision more effectively, making our voice stronger.

Pindos Perivallontiki is a non-profit organisation based in Ioannina. We are active in the wider area of Pindos for the study, management and protection of the natural and man-made environment. Founded in 1999, the organisation counts 197 supporting members and is part of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection (Registration Number 26/2008). It is also recorded in the registry of the Non-Governmental Environmental Organizations of Greece.

A sense of duty towards biodiversity conservation and the conscious fight against any activity that degrades nature and life quality underpin our practice. Pindos Perivallontiki acts locally aiming at the conservation and rational management of the vast natural wealth of the Pindos area. It also aspires to the area’s cultural development alongside the promotion of its residents’ life quality.


Our guiding principles

Pindos Perivallontiki operates on a voluntary basis. Five principles inform its operation and characterize the mentality of its supporters.
1. Legality. Every action is absolutely legal and every decision is made based on reason, moderation and the protection of nature and public interest in mind.
2. Independence. Pindos Perviallontiki is non-partisan, without political affiliations or a partisan tinge. All citizens are free to express themselves and to take initiatives towards the protection and sustainable management of the environment.
3. Self-funding. All financial resources originate exclusively from the financial support of citizens and donations.
4. Financial transparency. No part of the organisation nor the organisation itself makes or embezzles money. There is complete transparency and a detailed audit of the management of projects by the tax office. At the end of each year there is a revenue and expenses statement with zero profit.
5. Volunteering. “Sacrificing” time and money is the springboard for the majority of the organization’s pro-environmental actions. Pindos Perivallontiki is a citizen group open to anyone that wishes to support our initiative.



  1. Public intervention on issues of environmental protection.
  2. Participation in actions related to forest protection and fire fighting.
  3. Publication of guides, books, leaflets and audiovisual material for the environment and culture.
  4. Design and creation of materials for environmental education and cultural activities.
  5. Drawing-up studies to save, protect and promote the natural and man-made environment.
  6. Promotion of social entrepreneurship.



The people in the organisation

The board of the organisation consists of :

Yiannis Vrazitoulis: Chair
Vasilis Christou: Managing Director
Vasiliki Kati: Biologist. Assistant Professor on Biodiversity Conservation. Department of Environmental and Natural Resources Management. Scientific Advisor.
Haritakis Papaioannou: MSc. Biologist - Icthyologist. Scientific Advisor.
Panayiotis Nakos: Theatre Expert - Director - Actor - Cultural Issues Advisor.
Tziovas Konstantinos: Organisation and management in the fields of social entrepreneurship, environment and culture.
Leontiou Stavroula: Environmentalist. MSc in Sustainable Management of Protected Areas.
Ergys Bejleri: Partner responsible for joint projects with Albania